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Before we go any further, make sure our solution answers your needs :

With Colibri S&OP, you can : 

Plan your sales forecasts and save time.
Plan your procurement and production campaigns.
Explore load / capacity balancing scenarios 

They chose Colibri S&OP

The first demonstration we requested from Colibri was enough to convince me that the solution perfectly met our requirements. We didn’t need anything more sophisticated... and more expensive! Colibri really matched all of our criteria. For us, the strength of Colibri was the fast implementation, deployment and return on investment of the tool. All in all, the Colibri project was set up in 3 months, and after 4 months we started to get an attractive ROI. Having worked with leaders before, I don’t know of any other solution on the market capable of doing this.

Nicolas Joyeux, Supply Chain & Purchasing Director at Kulker

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